Paul Barratt-Hassett


From the onset of his symptoms over 22years ago, Paul knew something was wrong, he just didn't feel right, particularly after eating. Like many, Paul had all the medical tests only to reveal that he was a healthy young man yielding healthy results.

Frustrated with the medial model, Paul studied Natural Therapies and became a certified Natural Therapist in 1994 (Registration #: 100191). Nearly two decades later, although he had improved somewhat, he still was not right and lived with lost hope that he had no choice but to live with his condition.



Paul Barratt-Hassett, author, is a certified Natural Therapist and Master Practitioner of NLP (neuro linguistic programming).


Healed overnight.


He accidentally discovered that sulphites were rampant in our food chain undeclared and hidden to every day consumers like you and me. Within days of the discovery he was able to identify the foods that were tainted with sulphites and avoid them, the result - an instant and complete recovery from Fibromyalgia.

Within days his symptoms were completely gone, within weeks his immune system picked up and he started to lose excess weight and the constant fungal rashes and infections disappeared, within months his teeth and gum problems went away and all physical strength and fitness returned.

A year later and his health is 100%, he enjoys regular bike riding, local tennis and burns his excess energy out in his veggie garden and tending to his chickens. He has shed over 20kg of excess body fat without dieting, (it was the result of ridding the addictive chemical food additives like sulphites from his diet). On top of that he is a father of 4 children and rarely gets to bed before midnight every night. He puts his energy and vitality down to life without sulphites.



Paul's Vision.


It's Paul's vision to see the end of multinational tyrant companies exploiting unknowing vulnerable fellow humans with no regard to both human life and the life of the planet. He also wants to see the end of those "buying off" our weak-minded politicians that push through laws that allow multinationals to secretly use poisonous chemicals adulterating our food industry.

Food chemicals that mask and manipulate food flavour so as to get the consumer addicted to a product would end and the monoculture farming and all the environmental devastation as the result of this deceptive brainwashing method of farming would also end.

The vision includes changed labelling laws to reflect the truth of what is really in our foods and a regulatory body is implemented that enforces the food industry standards for the people NOT the tyrant multinationals.

He also envisions food grown organically without the use of chemicals, biodegradable food packaging, and mainstream education and farming, which teaches permaculture and organic farming methods incorporating sustainability and biodiversified farming techniques.

The vision includes children growing and blooming with joy and wellbeing, because of a nutrient-rich chemical-free diet and benefiting from an education which covers the love of gardening (rather than history of war), learning about plant and animal biodiversity (rather than sitting behind a computer screen), education on loving and respecting the natural laws of nature, and nurturing the planet (rather than having school aid donation days to corrupt corporate that encourage the belief that its someone else's problem).

He also wants to finally observe the education of spiritual virtue and biological balance that comes from living with holistic integrity (rather than being brainwashed that health is a dependency on pharmaceutical drugs and medicines) and the unfolding of a world that integrates a true balance and synergistic system of coexistence of man and environment; opening the door to a spiritual evolution of human consciousness into and enlightened state of being.







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Author of The Sulphite Connection.

A Hidden Pandemic Revealed! Finally, an answer to why we are sick.