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Sulphites (220 - 228) hidden & undeclared in every day food could be making YOU sick!


An accidental discovery heals Fibromyalgia / Chronic Fatigue Syndrome overnight.


The author reveals the full story in compelling book claiming to reverse the symptoms of a whole range of illnesses including allergies, asthma, bed wetting, bloating, brain fog, cancer, Candida infections, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, diabetes, depression, ear infections, Fibromyalgia, glue ear, heart palpitation, hay fever, indigestion, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), immune deficiencies, joint pain, lethargy, muscle weakness/loss, nose bleeds, skin conditions, teeth pain and sore gums, vaginitis (yeast infection), and more...



If you are feeling unwell and you don't know why...
If you have been told it's all in your head...
If you have been told you just have to live with it,
but don't feel right and you know

something is wrong...
Then, it could be sulphites causing it.


Sulphites are used for more than just preserving dried fruit and sausages. In fact, sulphites are the largest food additive in our modern food chain, bar none, but many of us are unaware because they are hidden and undeclared.

Consumption of sulphites can cause some serious symptoms from asthma attacks, skin rashes, and severe allergic reactions like swollen throat, difficulty breathing, or even death.

Milder symptoms may include erratic behaviour, depression, Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), bloating, blurred vision, nose, throat, and ear conditions; food cravings, foggy head, Autoimmune disease, bed wetting, panic attacks, and tiredness, particularly after eating.

Low-grade symptoms include suppressed immune function, lethargy, bloating, moodiness, anxiety, swollen glands, lack of concentration, and Candida outbreaks.

A message from Paul Barratt-Hassett


Welcome to my website. I've spent two decades looking for an answer to healing my Fibromyalgia. I tried just about everything, and while most things made some change, it wasn't until I accidentally discovered that there are sulphites hidden and undeclared in most of our foods that I really noticed permanent change.

It happened overnight; one day I had Fibromyalgia, and the next, it was virtually gone, I couldn't believe it.

That was over a year ago and today I am still symptom free and my immune system has improved; I've lost over 20kg, my energy levels have exploded and I feel and look the most fit and healthy of my entire life.

If you are unwell and cannot find the answer, then I know that my book, The Sulphite Connection, will change your life. Enter your name and e-mail above and I will give you a FREE chapter from my book so you can judge for yourself.

P.S. Remember, I am NOT talking about sulphites that are obvious like in dried fruit, or sausages, I am talking about sulphites that are hidden and undeclared, 99% of which people consume on a daily basis and have no idea they are present and that they are making them feel unwell.




The scary thing is we don't know we are consuming sulphites, they're NOT labelled on the ingredients list nor in the allergen warning declaration.

Sulphites are a stealth food additive that is hidden and undeclared in our food because of two major loopholes in food labelling laws.

In The Sulphite Connection book you will discover all the foods that contain sulphites, including why and how it is they get into our food chain.

You will learn how to identify sulphites from reading the food labelling even when they are NOT declared.



You'll discover which food ingredients contain them and how to avoid consuming them.

Identify the bottled water that is safe to consume and the brands that contain sulphites.


Plus... what meats contain sulphites and why, and how to buy the meats that are sulphite-free and safe to eat.






FDA to ban sulphites from fresh produce:


This past Feb. 15, the McPike family of Salem, Oregon went out for a Mexican dinner. Ten-year-old Medaya ordered her “usual” - a guacamole tostada. But at home half an hour after finishing the meal, Medaya, an asthmatic, complained to her parents that she thought the guacamole was making her sick.


“While we were phoning our doctor and the emergency room at the hospital, Medaya’s lips started turning blue,” her father, James McPike, recalled to a congressional hearing on March 27.


By the time Medaya reached the hospital, she had gone into cardiac arrest. The emergency room staff resuscitated her, but the girl developed severe brain damage and survived only five days.




A fatal anaphylactic reaction:


Was reported in a 33-year-old man with chronic steroid-dependent asthma. He had been treated previously for an acute asthma attack after consumption of dried apricots; in a subsequent incident, he had developed dizziness, nausea, and dyspnoea shortly after eating a salad in a restaurant.


The man had then began to avoid foods known to contain sulphite. The anaphylactic reaction was precipitated by only a few sips of white wine, which was found to contain sulphites at a concentration of 92 ppm.




A medical documented study (swelling of face and lips) with 10 mg challenge:


A reaction consisted of nasal congestion, profuse rhinorrhoea, swelling of the face and lips, and urticarial reactions on the hands, antecubital fossae, soles of the feet, and midriff.


Close inspection revealed swelling of the nasal polyps. These symptoms were resolved after administration of epinephrine. Pulmonary function was unaffected in this patient after the metabisulfite challenge.


Subsequent oral challenges with 10 mg metabisulfite at six months produced similar results.



"The most frequently reported symptoms were those associated with asthmatic or allergic reaction difficulty in breathing, wheezing, difficulty in swallowing, hives, itching, local swelling and with gastrointestinal distress (diarrhoea, vomiting and nausea, abdominal pain, and cramps). Most (74%) of the reporting consumers were female. Of those reporting severe reactions, 25% reported difficulty in breathing. A small percentage of the reports were of death after exposure to sulphites".



Are sulphites making YOU sick?


While some of these stories are serious examples of people reacting to sulphites, it is only the tip of the iceberg of the problem that exists in our current food chain. From agriculture to our dinner plate we are exposed to sulphites in low levels.

Sulphites are used in pesticides, cosmetics, stationary products, water, food preserving, animal medication and animal food. In fact, sulphites are used in just about all areas of food production from seed to the dinner plate.

This cumulative effect builds up the food chain leaving you with a plate food of sulphites that you do not even know you are consuming.

All this and more is documented in the book together with scientific medical references.


So the question is no longer “Are sulphites are being consumed?” Rather, it is “Are they making YOU sick?”



What other are saying!

I have read your book with great interest and commend you on the immense amount of work that you put into it!

I have felt unwell for the best part of a decade with all the symptoms of Fibromyalgia, but have never been diagnosed. I have had every test under the sun for my 'imaginary' illness, only to be told every time that I am fine!

Thank God for your site! I now have hope. I went totally sulphite free yesterday and for the first time actually woke before my alarm. I felt so well that I went for a walk at 7am!

Many thanks
Mandie [via email]

Hi Paul,
I have just purchased the book & the meal plan etc. Overall I am quite happy with the advice.... & your insight into this MINEFIELD that is food today has been extremely helpful.

Leanne [via Email]

Hi Paul

Recently purchased your Book on Sulphites. Congratulations on a fantastic exposure of chemical / drug companies ethics and morals. It confirmed my belief that sulphites were to blame for my breathing difficulties. Must admit that I had no idea of the extent of their content in foods etc.

Patricia [via email]


Hi Paul

Thank you very much for all that information, very helpful and very interesting. I definitely am feeling a lot better already, after just a week off sulphites (and amines).

I am very grateful to you.

Jill [via email]


FINALLY, a proven treatment plan for overcoming Fibromyalgia/ME/CFS and a whole list of unexplained body pains and illness.


You are about to discover the hidden cause of your ill health and unexplained body aches and pains. There are hundreds of thousands of people like you all over the world feeling depressed and anxious about the future of their health.

Many face the frustration of inconclusive results and failing answers from their local doctor or natural health therapists about their ill health.

But don't worry, because you have found The Sulphite Connection - A Hidden Pandemic Revealed! Finally, an answer to why we are sick. It will show you

how to turn your life around OVERNIGHT!


If hidden and undeclared sulphites in YOUR food are causing your health complaints (and for most they are), then what you are about to discover in The Sulphite Connection will literally transform your health overnight. Paul's story is one such example of a truly "overnight" success story - he went from Fibromyalgia to COMPLETELY SYMPTOM FREE overnight and you can do it too.

Simply learn what foods contain sulphites, why and how you can avoid them, as revealed in The Sulphite Connection book and your health will improve straight away. Over the next few weeks and coming months your body will start to completely transform as aches and pains disappear, body fat melts away, and your energy levels increase 10-fold.


Furthermore, your immune system will recover and your resistance to flu and colds will improve. Fungus (Candida) will leave the body, improving your digestive system and leading to overall improvement in your health and wellbeing. You will stop craving foods that contribute to ill health and obesity, and will start to naturally crave foods that make you well and stabilised.


Your stress levels will reduce, because your body will handle stress more easily as it finds a natural mental, emotional, and hormonal balance that was previously out of balance from consuming sulphites. You will gain mental clarity and have crystal clear focus, ALL as a result of eliminating hidden sulphites from your diet.



Get INSTANT access to your copy of

The Sulphite Connection.


Order today and discover the hidden cause of sulphite adulteration in our food chain. The Sulphite Connection is the most comprehensive book in the world on the subject of sulphites and offers readers a TRUE plan of action to finally get well again.

For only $34.95AUD you can secure you electronic download version of this amazing book for a limited time.


NOTE: You are purchasing an electronic download version, NO refunds are given for mistaking this for a hard copy.







Total Health Transformation Guarantee



My promise to you is this: If, you follow my advice and eat a diet FREE from sulphites for one month, then go eat some sulphite-laced food, and don’t feel a massive difference in your mood and general wellbeing, I will refund you 100% of the purchase-price.

I will give you a full 60 Days to give this a try so you have plenty of time to study and read up on which foods to avoid and which foods are safe. That is how sure I am that sulphites are making even the healthiest and resilient individuals sick and underperforming.

You won't be made to feel bad for asking for a refund, you will simply need to e-mail me requesting a refund and 100% of your purchase price will be refunded - NO questions-asked!

So you can order today with confidence knowing you have nothing to lose and plenty of good health and wellbeing to look forward to.






What other are saying!

Hi Paul,

I'm EXCITED! I was able to download the book, have read the first two chapters of the book and there is some really good stuff in there. I have to work today but I know what I will be doing tomorrow, thank you for your efficient reply and concern that I hadn't received the book. I hope you do really well, you are doing the hard yards for all of us, you are an Inspiration!

I look forward to a hardcopy of the book as I will buy many copies to give to all my friends and family. Still can't get my head around cloned meat (wait till I tell my friends and family about that one).

Thankyou again Information Means Power!
Please keep me updated via email with new books etc.

Kind regards
Juliette Wells, by email

Dear Paul,


Self-diagnosed with sulfite sensitivity. suffer from asthma and fibromyalgia and have been \"sulfite-free\" for a month and a half. Effects of fibromyalgia are nearly gone.


Thank you for publishing all of your research.

It gives me great hope!


Kim, via email



I definitely have some kind of a reaction to sulphites. After eating some dried fruit, sausages, drinking wine, some soft drinks, some vitamins (anything with a certain level of sulphites), I get a very itchy rash on head and neck within minutes.


If I get a large dose my throat itches and my stomach is upset and I feel very unwell. I do not have anaphylaxis but been to the emergency room a few times and they have given me antihistamines etc.


I have been caught out a few times, thinking some thing is free from sulphites, then finding out that they were sprayed with sulphites e.g organic fruit on supermarket shelves.



For reference access click here.





Recently I have also been able to link my reaction to episodes of asthma. The first at the age of 30, and the second at 35. On the second occasion I had been drinking 2-3 glasses of white wine every day during a two week holiday. Whilst I was able to select wines that didn’t affect my heart at that level, by the end of the second week I experienced my second ever bout of asthma.


Recently I also ate some cheese and suffered palpitations. Checking the label showed that it had sulphites listed. – Amanda, by email


[cheese does not normally contain sulphites unless flavoured, e.g. – Mersey Valley sweet chili contains two sulphites: 223 listed as preservative and 221 listed as antioxidant.]



For reference access click here



I have been dealing with chronic headaches for years, and just recently discovered that sulfites may be the problem.


In addition to the headaches, I now have hives, flushing of the face, especially my nose. I often feel like I have a fever, a horse/scratchy voice, stomach pains, heart palpatations, dry scratchy throat, dizzyness, blurred vision, a bad sense of fogginess and at times, depression.


In the past year, I have been to an ENT, physical therapy, psychiatrist, chiropractor, had a CT scan, MRI, allergy testing, thyroid testing, ADHD testing, adrenal tests, and always the same results: nothing (except for the ADHD, I was diagnosed last spring).




For reference access click here


Heart symptoms from benzoates, bread preservative and sulphites (December 2008). My 14-year-old son has Aspergers syndrome.


He experiences arrhythmia and severe heart palpitations every time he consumes any additives 211, 282, 220 etc. If he has been free from these additives for over two weeks then he will get away with the first exposure and then it accumulates and gets worse.


We saw a heart specialist and he found no problems, just blaming it on anxiety. He also gets more aggressive and violent once it accumulates... like Jekyll and Hyde. Sadly it is so hard to convince and be believed by doctors and his psychiatrist that these additives affect him. – Therese, by email


For reference access click here





"It was like I was reading my own biography in some ways when I read the list of symptoms others had from consuming sulphite foods".


This is all too often the response we get from people all over the world after discovering the story about sulphites. It really could be what is making you sick and the best news is you can change your life by simply eliminating ALL the hidden and undeclared sulphite-adulterated foods by following the proven sound and scientifically validated advice from The Sulphite Connection book.


You have nothing to lose. You will be eating wholesome, nutrient-rich natural foods that give you a complete broad range of vital health-giving, life-supporting vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and healthy oils. Plus, you will know you have a whole year to ask for a complete refund if you find out that sulphites are NOT causing your health complaints.


The book is jammed-packed with over 200 pages.


You will...

  • Discover what foods contain hidden and undeclared sulphites.

  • Learn how to read labels identifying which ingredients contain sulphites.

  • Learn about the laws that allow sulphites to be rampant in our food chain, LEGALLY!

  • Discover what you can do to beat the system.

  • Learn about medications, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics that contain sulphites and how to avoid them.

  • Discover the alternative items, ingredients, and products you can use to make living without sulphites possible.

  • Read about sulphite adulteration in chicken, seafood, and other meats and what meat is safe to eat.

  • ... and much much more.




Get INSTANT access to your copy of

The Sulphite Connection.


Order today and discover the hidden cause of sulphite adulteration in our food chain. The Sulphite Connection is the most comprehensive book in the world on the subject of sulphites and offers readers a TRUE plan of action to finally get well again.

For only $34.95AUD you can secure you electronic download version of this amazing book for a limited time.


NOTE: You are purchasing an electronic download version, NO refunds are given for mistaking this for a hard copy.









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